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RWT Library & Knowledge Services: Room Bookings and Equipment Hire

Guide for Library and Knowledge Services


Lecture Theatre

  • 125 Seats
  • Ceiling affixed powerful projector
  • High Quality sound system
  • connections for laptops and other devices

Room 1

  • 12 Seats
  • Plasma Screen
  • FlipChart
  • Flip-top tables for flexible arrangement

Room 2

  • 40 Seats Lecture Style
  • Plasma Screen
  • Lectern
  • Flipchart
  • Air-conditioned

Room 5

  • 20 Seats
  • Plasma Screen
  • Flipchart
  • Flip-top tables allowing for flexible arrangement
  • Air-conditioned

Room 6

  • 10 Seats
  • Plasma Screen
  • Flipchart
  • Lectern
  • Flip-top tables allowing for flexible arrangement

Room 7

  • 16 Seats
  • Plasma Screen
  • Lectern
  • Flip-top tables allowing for flexible arrangement
  • Air-conditioned

Room 8

  • 45 Seats Lecture Style
  • Lectern
  • Video Conferencing
  • Plasma Screens
  • Cool Air Blowers


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Bookings

The WMI room booking policy aims to ensure meeting rooms are effectively used in a consistent and fair manner. The policy covers which spaces within the building are available, any restrictions on use and conditions and procedures associated with making a booking.

This policy should be read and understood by all facilitators at the time of booking.

1.0 Use of Conference Facilities

1.1 Rooms in the WMI are primarily for training and development purposes for all staff groups.  Room booking enquiries falling outside these criteria will be referred to the Centre Manager for consideration. In addition Health Education West Midlands funds the WMI for Postgraduate education of junior hospital doctors, GP and dental training. The University of Birmingham also funds the WMI for Undergraduate training.

1.2 In line with HM Government’s Prevent strategy, any room booking enquiry that raises concerns will be escalated to Senior Management .

1.3 In addition, the Centre Management reserves the right to decline or cancel bookings where there are concerns as to the nature of the event, or the organisation booking the room.

 2.0 Availability

  • WMI operational hours are 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday
  • Evening bookings are available – Charges apply. Please contact us to check availability

3.0 Confirmation by WMI

All bookings are considered as provisional until the booking is confirmed by email. The booking email will act as a contract between WMI and the client.

4.0 External booking amendments or cancellation

If you have to cancel, postpone or amend your confirmed booking please ensure you give at least one week’s notice in writing.

  • If less than 5 working days’ notice is given for cancellation or postponement then 50% of the charge of the booking will be made. For cancellation or postponements made less than 24 hours 100% of the charge of the booking will be incurred.
  • Should the client make significant changes to the programme or the expected number of guests, this may result in amendments to the applicable rates and/or facilities offered by WMI.

4.1 Amendments or cancellation by WMI

  • Should WMI for reasons beyond its control need to make any amendments to your booking we reserve the right to offer you an alternate choice of facilities.
  • In exceptional circumstances WMI may cancel the booking:
  • If the organisation booking does not fall within the criteria described under ‘Use of Conference Facilities’.
  • If the client is in arrears of previous payments.
  • If the client has failed to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

4.2   Internal room booking DNA’s

Room usage is monitored on a daily basis.

Internal room booking charges will be made for any room booking DNA as follows:  Full day £50.00 Half day £25.00

5.0  Required information

  • Rooms are set as standard you are free to move furniture, but ensure room is returned to its current setting
  • The organiser/trainer must hold an attendance register and bring it with them in the event of an emergency evacuation of the building occurring.

Car parking

The nearest public car park to the WMI is P3. Car parking charges are displayed near to the car park entrance – payment on exit.


Health and Safety

In the interest of Health and Safety users are advised not to move furniture, it will be at your own risk.

All trainers or facilitators are asked to familiarise themselves with the fire and evacuation procedures which are displayed in the rooms. This should be addressed at the beginning of any session or conference and attendees should be informed of the procedure. If in doubt WMI staff are available to help or explain the Health and Safety procedures, please contact reception.   *Fire Alarm is tested on a Tuesday at around 2pm.   All fire doors must remain closed.

Emergency first aid can be administered by trained WMI staff. Please contact reception to report a hazard, accident or if assistance is required.


  • In line with the Trust’s Hospitality Policy [OP71] Hospitality can only be provided by the Trust Retail Catering Department.
  • Hospitality must be booked by emailing to request a hospitality menu and booking form.
  • No alcohol is provided or allowed.


Report defects to the room fabric, furniture or equipment to WMI reception on extension 85320

Disclosure of sensitive information

Please note that the booking title is viewable on the display screen in reception and at the entrance to the first floor, please exercise discretion when naming meetings of a sensitive or confidential nature.

Additional accessibility requirements

Wheelchair access available to all rooms and to first floor via lift.

Audio-visual support

All our rooms come equipped with full AV equipment. Basic AV assistance is available from WMI reception during our normal operational hours.   

Free Wi-fi *

Please ask at Reception desk for details


At WMI we aim to provide a high standard of service. We would like to know what you think, because we value the views of our staff and the organisations and people who use our services.


WMI cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to equipment, personal property or vehicles while on WMI


WMI Centre Manager ext 85320

Room Booking Link

If you need to book a training room please check availability via the link below.

  1. Select the start time/date of your booking. Available times are denoted as Green.
  2. Complete the end time of your booking
  3. Submit and complete the form
  4. If you intend to request a booking less than 24 hours before the event you must contact the WMI Reception on extension 85320. System generated requests will not be actioned within 24 hours of the event.

External room booking

Do you want to make your promotional event standout by using tablecloths with the Trust logo? The Knowledge and Library Service provides a loan service, available to all teams and departments in the Trust.

Just click on the booking form below and your request will be sent to the library team

Additional Meeting/Training Rooms

The following are additional meeting/training rooms located on the New Cross site;

RWT Alternative Meeting Venues
Venue Contact Contact No. Capacity
A2 Gynaecology Outpatients Teaching Room Ann Hazel 85181 20
Board Room, Building 12 Maria Dent 85966 15
Deanesly Centre Deanesley Reception 88330 20
Diabetes Centre Meeting Room Diabetes Reception 85310 15
Heart & Lung Seminar Room Sarah Spencer 84104 6
Hollybush House Conference Room Maria Dent 85966 7
Ophthalmology Training Room Jemma Flanagan 85814 15


RWT Library & Knowledge Services Building 11, Wolverhampton Medical Institute, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. WV10 0QP Tel: 01902 695322 E-Mail: Twitter: @rwtlibrary